nginx conf 2016

Microservice Network Architectures
with NGINX Plus

Join us Friday, September, 9 for "Microservice Network Architectures with NGINX Plus". In this one day hands-on training, you will explore the Proxy, Router Mesh, and Fabric network architecture models through the NGINX Microservices Reference Architecture. In hands-on labs, you will create an NGINX proxy to a microservices application. You’ll then do centralized load balancing in the Router Mesh model. Finally, you’ll do container-to-container load balancing using the Fabric Model.

Audience: This class is for experienced developers and NGINX admins who understand microservices architectures.

What: A one day, hands-on, team-based learning experience with NGINX’s Chris Stetson and professional services team. Participants will explore three microservice network architectures through in class lectures and hands-on activities.

You will:

  • Learn how to deploy NGINX Plus as a HTTP gateway to their microservices application
  • Deploy NGINX Plus to act as a centralized load-balancer for interprocess communication between their microservices
  • Deploy NGINX Plus at the container level to create a fabric network of persistent SSL connections between their microservices
  • Collaborate and connect with other participants
  • Get your questions answered by experts from NGINX


  • Solid understanding of web server functionality
  • Experience working with NGINX .conf files
  • Working knowledge of NGINX proxy and load balancing capabilities
  • Comfortable working on the command line in a UNIX environment
  • Attendees should bring a wifi-enabled laptop to the class

Chris Stetson
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Chris Stetson

Chief Architect, Professional Services, NGINX, Inc.

Chris Stetson is the Chief Architect of professional services at NGINX and the Microservices Practice Lead. Prior to joining NGINX he spent 20 years as a developer and architect building web applications. He built many familiar websites including the first version of Sirius Satellite Radio,, large parts of,, and He has built large monolithic systems, service-oriented systems and, most recently, microservices-based systems.

nginx.conf 2016 at a Glance

Day 1 // September 7

  • Welcome
  • Keynotes
  • Sessions
  • Welcome Party

Day 2 // September 8

  • Welcome
  • Keynotes
  • Lightning Talks
  • Sessions
  • Happy Hour

Day 3 // September 9

  • Training