Faster deployments,
fewer headaches.

Think faster app deployments means increased tool sprawl, poor app visibility, or infrastructure lock‑in? Not anymore.

Introducing NGINX Controller 3.0, the first app‑centric, multi‑cloud platform for managing and delivering modern apps and APIs.


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Code Connects Us All

New ideas come to life through code. We are proud to power applications that make the world a better place, every single day.

Shape Security is Now Part of F5

F5 and Shape have joined forces to defend every application against attacks, fraud, and abuse in a multi-cloud world.

The NGINX Application Platform Powers Load Balancers, Microservices, and API Gateways

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Improve the performance, reliability, and security of your applications

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Aaron Terry VP of Development, MemberCentral

Learn how MemberCentral stabilized its applications by replacing hardware load balancers with NGINX Plus.

JOHN CLEVELEY Sr. Engineering Manager, BuzzFeed

Learn how Buzzfeed built a microservices request router using NGINX Plus.

JOHN GRAHAM-CUMMING Programmer, CloudFlare

Learn how you can deploy NGINX on any cloud, eliminate vendor lock‑in and reduce complexity.

ANDREW STEIN Co-founder & Chief Scientist, Distil Networks

See how Distil Networks prevents security breaches and limits malicious traffic with NGINX Plus and the NGINX WAF.

MONTE EVANS Chief Technical Officer, Warpwire

Discover how Warpwire provides a fast, high‑performance experience for users.

DRAGOS DASCALITA HAUT Solutions Architect, Adobe

Learn how Adobe trusts NGINX Plus to manage and secure business‑critical APIs.

Deliver modern applications at scale with NGINX products


NGINX Open Source

The open source web server that powers 400 million websites
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The only all‑in‑one load balancer, web server, content cache and API gateway
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NGINX Controller

Centralized monitoring and management for NGINX Plus
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Multi‑language application server from NGINX, Inc.


The web application firewall powered by ModSecurity
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NGINX Amplify

Lightweight, cloud-based monitoring for NGINX and NGINX Plus

Trusted by 66% of the world’s busiest sites

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NGINX Webinars

Achieving Comprehensive API Security with NGINX & Okta

Achieving Comprehensive API Security with NGINX & Okta

Did you know that “sensitive data exposure” by APIs is #3 on the OWASP Top 10 Web Application Security Risks list? According to Gartner, by 2022 API abuses will be the leading attack...


Monolith to Microservices

Monolith to Microservices

This practical guide from O’Reilly and NGINX covers multiple scenarios and strategies for a successful migration from a monolithic system to a microservices architecture.

Latest blog posts

Just One POST: Enabling Declarative DNS with F5 and the NGINX JavaScript Module

Just One POST: Enabling Declarative DNS with F5 and the NGINX...

In this solution, we use NGINX Plus's active health checks and key-value store to track and store application status across multiple sites, and NGINX JavaScript to update DNS records maintained by BIG-IP DNS and DNS Load Balancer Cloud Service, based on the status information.

Redefining Client-Side Security with the Tala Security Certified Module for NGINX Plus

Redefining Client-Side Security with the Tala Security...

The Tala Security Certified Module for NGINX Plus leverages 150+ browser‑native controls to protect websites and apps from critical and growing threats -- such as XSS, Magecart, website supply‑chain attacks, and clickjacking -- without changes to application or client-side code.

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Why Should You Attend Agility This Year?

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