Through the NGINX Partner Program you can be confident that our certified partners have the skills and capabilities to bring additional value to your deployments. Combine the power and performance of NGINX with a rich ecosystem of solutions, services, and deployment options.

3scale offers best-in-class API management solutions for both on-premise and cloud API operations. 3scale’s API proxy product is based on NGINX.

NGINX is extremely popular with Amazon Web Services users. In fact, over 40% of the web sites running on AWS use NGINX because of its predictable and optimized usage of IaaS resources, which results in greatly improved scalability and performance at much lower cost. As a Standard Technology Partner in Amazon’s AWS Partner Network, we offer commercial, fully supported NGINX Plus subscriptions on the AWS Marketplace.

AppDynamics is a leading application performance management (APM) solution that provides visibility and control of application problems for complex and distributed applications.

The NGINX and NGINX Plus monitoring extension fully supports metrics for both NGINX and NGINX Plus on custom dashboards, including active connections, total number of requests, accepted and handled requests, and reading, writing, and waiting metrics. NGINX Plus is fully supported with metrics by server zones, upstreams, and caches.

ARM is the world’s leading supplier of semiconductor intellectual property, and is at the heart of many of the digital electronic products sold in the world. NGINX Plus is optimized and fully supported on the latest generation of 64-bit ARM Servers utilizing the ARMv8-A architecture. Enterprise-class servers incorporating 64-bit ARM processors support 64-bit processor cores and other enterprise-class features, such as error-correcting code memory along with power-efficient designs.

Ashnik offers enterprise open source and cloud technology solutions to clients in India. Ashnik has successfully implemented the world’s leading open source infrastructure and middleware solutions for the largest enterprise customers.

Microsoft Azure provides an open, integrated set of services for both Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) that enable building, deploying, and managing cloud applications. NGINX Plus is Microsoft Azure Certified for Virtual Machines and available on the Azure Marketplace. Enterprises can deploy NGINX Plus across Azure Virtual Machines for advanced application acceleration, load balancing, and video streaming capabilities, with consolidated billing and management from Microsoft.

Datadog is a monitoring service that brings together data from servers, configuration management tools, applications, and cloud services to present a unified view of the infrastructure. Dev and Ops teams can monitor their NGINX web-server metrics and events those metrics create. NGINX Plus users can monitor web server, load balancing, and caching metrics and events, and correlate them with performance metrics from 60+ other systems.

Dynatrace is the innovator behind the new generation of Application Performance Management focusing on the details, providing visibility beyond simple metrics with end-to-end transaction visibility from the browser to the database. Dynatrace agents for NGINX and NGINX Plus automatically discover bottlenecks or performance hotspots by tracing the transaction across tiers and identify root cause in seconds.

HP is a technology solutions provider to consumers, businesses, and institutions globally. The company’s offerings span IT infrastructure, global services, business and home computing, and imaging and printing. NGINX Plus is a featured application solution for HP Moonshot, the industry’s first workload-optimized server designed to optimize the performance of scale-out applications with breakthrough efficiency and economics. Together NGINX Plus and HP Moonshot enable breakthrough web performance and flexible deployment options.

Librato is a hosted metrics platform with out-of-the-box integrations for NGINX and NGINX Plus. Librato is an open platform that can ingest time-series data from any source for real-time monitoring. It features easy dashboard creation, visual analysis and correlation, and unlimited, highly flexible alerting.

New Relic is a SaaS-based monitoring solution that lets developers and enterprises gain actionable, real-time business insights by collecting, storing, and analyzing data from applications. Using the NGINX and NGINX Plus web server plug-in, teams can fully monitor NGINX and NGINX Plus instances through high-level and detailed dashboards that indicate number of active connections, idle connections, client request rate, and specific client connection metrics. For NGINX Plus, detailed stats of all configured upstream groups, virtual server zones, and caches are displayed in the dashboard.

Parallels integrated NGINX software into its Parallels Plesk Panel solution, leveraging the renowned architecture and features of NGINX and optimizing the Linux web-hosting performance of Parallels Plesk control panel.

In 2012, NGINX was named one of the top five fastest growing open source enterprise applications. NGINX, Inc. is a member of the Red Hat ISV Partner program. NGINX is an approved solution for use with Red Hat Enterprise Linux and JBoss.

SIOS Technology was founded in Japan and has been a part of open source software and web application software. Given its open source software experience, the company pushed for the early adoption of Linux products in Japan. The business focused on software products that provide high availability and disaster protection which is why they have partnered with NGINX.

Wallarm is an integrated web security solution built for NGINX Plus.

It organically combines web application firewall (WAF) with vulnerability detection. From day one, it targets customers with massively loaded websites in e-commerce, SaaS/PaaS, big data, news media, communication and online payments markets.

Wallarm is developed on top of NGINX and NGINX Plus providing customers with unlimited scaling options. Whereas machine-learning approaches allows to keep a false-positive rate low even in continuous integration environments.

WSO2 empowers enterprises to build connected businesses and accelerate their pace of innovation with the industry’s only lean, fully integrated, 100% open source enterprise middleware platform. Using WSO2’s platform, leading enterprises worldwide have all the functionality to build, integrate, manage, secure and analyze their APIs, applications, Web services, and microservices. WSO2 recommends Nginx as the standard load balancing solution within WSO2 deployments and is pleased to work closely with Nginx on seamless support and procurement.


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