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NGINX Amplify is a free, SaaS based monitoring tool for NGINX Open Source and NGINX Plus. With NGINX Amplify you can monitor performance, keep track of infrastructure assets, and improve configuration with static analysis. NGINX Amplify also monitors the underlying OS, application servers (like PHP FPM), databases, and other components. NGINX Amplify is simple to set up, yet powerful enough to provide critical insight into NGINX and system performance. NGINX Amplify diagram

NGINX Monitoring Made Easy

  • Customize
  • Configure

Amplify your monitoring with out-of-the-box graphs, static analyzer for NGINX configuration, custom dashboards, SLA overview, and automated alerts across multiple users. With Amplify, you will be able to:

  • Monitor NGINX, Linux, PHP-FPM, and MySQL
  • See connections, requests, HTTP status, response time, traffic, and more
  • Build your own graphs to see metrics per virtual host, HTTP status, and URI
  • Understand your application SLA
  • Learn to configure NGINX

You can use NGINX Amplify to do the following:

  • Visualize and identify NGINX performance bottlenecks, overloaded servers, or potential DDoS attacks
  • Improve and optimize NGINX performance with intelligent advice and recommendations
  • Get notified when something is wrong with the application infrastructure
  • Plan web application capacity and performance
  • Keep track of the systems running NGINX

Technical Specifications

NGINX Amplify Agent

  • The agent is a Python application that runs on monitored systems. All communications between the agent and the SaaS backend are done securely over SSL/TLS. All traffic is always initiated by the agent.

NGINX Amplify Web UI

  • The user interface compatible with all major browsers. The web interface is accessible only via TLS/SSL.

NGINX Amplify Backend

  • The core system component, implemented as a SaaS. It encompasses scalable metrics collection infrastructure, a database, an analytics engine, and a core API.
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NGINX Amplify is a tool for comprehensive NGINX monitoring. With NGINX Amplify it's easy to proactively analyze and fix problems related to running and scaling NGINX-based web applications.

NGINX Amplify documentation

Introducing Custom Dashboards in NGINX Amplify


Introducing Custom Dashboards in NGINX Amplify

With new custom dashboards in NGINX Amplify, you can define the source, type of aggregation, and filter to apply, to monitor NGINX even more effectively.

Inside NGINX Amplify: Insights from Our Engineers


Inside NGINX Amplify: Insights from Our Engineers

Learn best practices for how to monitor NGINX and NGINX Plus from the NGINX, Inc. engineers working to continually improve NGINX Amplify

Monitoring Highly Dynamic and Distributed Systems with NGINX Amplify

NGINX Webinars

Monitoring Highly Dynamic and Distributed Systems with NGINX Amplify

Containers, immutable infrastructure, and microservices all add complexity to your network. Get instant insight into performance issues with NGINX Amplify.