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What is NGINX Unit?

NGINX Unit is a dynamic web and application server. Open source and built to meet the demands of distributed applications. Deploy configuration changes with no service disruptions. Run code in multiple languages. Build the foundation of your service mesh.

Why NGINX Unit?

Dynamic by design

Unit was created to adapt in real time to the demands of microservices applications. REST API, JSON configuration, graceful reloads, and no service disruptions.

Reduce complexity

No need to tangle with multiple application servers and the headaches that come with them. Run code simultaneously in Go, Perl, PHP, Python, and Ruby – with more languages on the way soon.

Deploy with confidence

NGINX Unit is developed by the team behind NGINX, the most reliable and trusted name in application delivery.


Multi-language support

Run all of your applications under a common binary:

  • Full support for Go, Perl, PHP, Python, and Ruby
  • Run multiple applications written in different languages on the same server
  • Use multiple versions of a language simultaneously on the same server (PHP 5 and PHP 7, Python 2.7 and Python 3)


Adapt in real time to the demands of your applications:

  • Comprehensive REST API-driven configuration
  • JSON configuration syntax
  • In memory configuration updates reduce service disruptions
  • Seamless zero‑downtime deployment changes

Service mesh

Use NGINX Unit as the foundation for your service mesh:

  • Integrated network stack for fast service‑to‑service communication
  • Offload network configuration from application code to NGINX Unit
  • SSL/TLS and HTTP/2 support coming soon



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