Delivering Microservices Securely and at Scale with NGINX, Red Hat OpenShift, and Ansible

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Running and managing microservices applications at scale is a challenging task. Red Hat OpenShift helps you meet this challenge by giving you a powerful platform as a service (PaaS), built on the widely adopted, open source Kubernetes container management system.

The extensive feature set of NGINX Plus is a perfect complement to OpenShift, providing delivery services for OpenShift Applications. With the NGINX Plus Kubernetes Ingress Controller you get production-grade load balancing, SSL termination, websockets, authentication, and more, all managed through the Kubernetes Ingress system and backed by the NGINX brand you trust. NGINX Plus improves the performance and reliability of OpenShift applications, helping ensure your applications are always available to your customers.

Solutions Provided by NGINX

NGINX Kubernetes Ingress Controller for Red Hat OpenShift

The NGINX Kubernetes Ingress Controller is a plug-in for the Kubernetes orchestration framework built into OpenShift, providing an enterprise-class solution for connecting, securing, and scaling microservices.

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NGINX Microservices Reference Architecture on OpenShift

The NGINX Microservices Reference Architecture is a blueprint for creating scalable microservice applications. You can now use this blueprint within OpenShift with NGINX Plus providing dynamic service discovery and API gateway functionality.

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Deploy NGINX With Red Hat Ansible

Ansible is a complete service automation and orchestration platform. The official NGINX Ansible roles orchestrate and automate NGINX features like load balancing and SSL termination – either individually, or as part of a complete DevOps CI/CD environment.

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Deploy NGINX via OpenShift Service Catalog

Though still in OpenShift Tech Preview mode, NGINX is available today through the beta OpenShift Service Catalog. As the OpenShift platform continues its rapid growth, NGINX is working directly with Red Hat to make services available to active DevOps teams. Early deployment examples are available in the nginx-oss-apb, nginx-plus-apb, and nginx-unit-apb. Git repos below.

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