See how we can help improve
the performance, reliability, and security
of your applications with NGINX Plus

Building amazing applications is only the beginning. Deploying, connecting, monitoring, securing, and scaling them is where businesses succeed or fail. NGINX Plus supports today’s most common application delivery challenges with one integrated platform.

  • Load Balancing
    Load Balance, Scale, & Manage Your Sites and Applications
  • Web & Mobile Acceleration
    Accelerate Web & Mobile Performance
  • "We currently run 60 nginx instances in different datacenters for web acceleration in front of several hundred application backends (also on nginx). In aggregate is serving around 70,000 request/sec at peak, and thereʼs plenty of room to grow! "
    Barry Abrahamson
    Chief Systems Wrangler, Automattic
  • Application Security
    Defend Your Applications with Ease
  • Streaming Media
    Deliver Audio & Video with Speed and Scalability
  • "While there are hardware-based solutions that can do [web acceleration], they are tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars more expensive than NGINX Plus. … Few products can do all of that well. We found that NGINX Plus was the best and the easiest. "
    Vinay Kudithipudi
    VP of Data Centers and Infrastructure, Gogo
  • API Gateway
    Enforce Security and Usage Policies on Your APIs
  • Web Server
    The Fastest, Most Scalable Web Server in the World
  • "NGINX Plus gives us flexibility in our underlying cloud platform to innovate faster. It enables us to be more responsive to our customers and provide them with the level of scale and performance they need. "
    James Donelan
    Vice President of Engineering, MuleSoft
  • Application Delivery Controller
    Replace Costly Hardware ADCs with NGINX Plus

Why Customers Choose NGINX

Learn how some of the most innovative developers deliver apps fast and flawlessly with NGINX and NGINX Plus. The combination of web serving, load balancing, content caching, and media streaming into one package makes it easy to deploy and scale any application.


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