Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

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With NGINX Open Source Subscription bundles you get:

  • Enterprise Support: Get a trusted advisor and satisfy regulatory requirements.
  • Enterprise Features: Address a wide range of traffic management and identity use cases.
  • Instance Management: Reduce risk and chaos with simplified administration of your NGINX fleet.
  • Enterprise Support for NGINX Open Source

    NGINX Open Source has a reputation for reliability and the community provides fantastic support, but sometimes more is necessary. The NGINX Open Source Subscription gets you quality enterprise support for NGINX Open Source, which includes:

    • Timely Patches and Fixes – Get immediate access to patches and fixes, proactive notifications of CVEs, and more.
    • Meet Regulatory Compliance – Ensure that your NGINX instances meet your organization’s OSS software requirements by demonstrating due diligence, traceability, and compliance with relevant regulations.
    • Maintain Confidentiality – Get direct access to our team of security experts and share configs confidentially over secured channels.

    Enterprise Features Via Automatic Access to NGINX Plus

    With the Open Source Subscription, you get access to NGINX Plus at no added cost. The subscription lets you choose NGINX Open Source, NGINX Plus, or both based on your business needs.

    • Maintain Uptime and Availability at Scale – You get enterprise supported tools to reduce latency and outages, ability to update configurations without reloading, monitoring, and API Gateway functionality.
    • Improve Security and Identity Management – You can centralize authentication and authorization at the load balancer, API gateway, or Ingress controller, enforce end-to-end encryption, manage certs, and enable FIPS 140-2.

    Fleet Management with NGINX Instance Manager

    Open Source Subscription includes NGINX Management Suite Instance Manager, which enables you to centrally inventory all of your NGINX Open Source, NGINX Plus, and NGINX App Protect WAF instances so you can configure, secure, and monitor your NGINX fleet with ease.

    • Understand Your NGINX Estate – Discover and centrally manage your fleet of NGINX instances to patch systems, detect CVEs, find configuration problems, and detect threats.
    • Manage Certificates – You can more easily track, manage, and deploy SSL/TLS certificates (and discover expiring certificates) and rotate the encryption keys.
    • Simply Visibility – Get event data and metrics to send to your monitoring, visibility, and alerting tools via API.

NGINX Open Source Subscription Bundles Components

Get Started with NGINX Open Source Subscription

The NGINX Open Source Subscription ensures you have the right tool for the right job regardless of whether you’re on NGINX Open Source or NGINX Plus. By adding the bundle, you get enterprise support, enterprise features, and fleet management for all your NGINX instances.

If you’re interested in getting started with NGINX Open Source Subscription, contact us today to discuss your use cases.

Are you a Kubernetes Shop? We’ve got you!

If you’re a Kubernetes shop, we’ve created a subscription just for you! Visit the NGINX Connectivity Stack for Kubernetes Bundles page to learn about our Kubernetes user specific offering.


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