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Future-Proof Kubernetes App Connectivity

Increase uptime and reduce complexity for your Kubernetes apps with the Gateway API-conformant NGINX Gateway Fabric.

Diagram of a Kubernetes cluster showing flow of client public entry point through NGINX Gateway

Why Use NGINX Gateway Fabric

  • Data Plane
  • Extensibility
  • Interoperability
Diagram showing users accessing applications through NGINX Gateway Fabric

Simplify Operations

Built on the proven high-performance NGINX data plane, NGINX Gateway Fabric is a Kubernetes Gateway API implementation that provides fast, reliable, and secure connectivity for your Kubernetes apps. It simplifies and streamlines deployment and management of Kubernetes platforms by leveraging the same data and control planes across any hybrid or multi-cloud Kubernetes environment, reducing complexity and tool sprawl. NGINX Gateway Fabric also features a native role-based API model that enables self-service governance capabilities for multi-tenant development teams.

Diagram of NGINX Gateway Fabric Pod and process flows to or from Kubernetes API, Prometheus, Backends, and Clients

Unlock Advanced Capabilities

Unlike Kubernetes Ingress resources, the Gateway API-based NGINX Gateway Fabric delivers many use cases out of the box, including blue-green and canary deployments, A/B testing, and request/response manipulation. It also defines an annotation-less extensibility model, including extension points and policy attachments, to unlock advanced NGINX data plane features that are not supported by the API itself.

Diagram of a Kubernetes Cluster with NGINX Gateway

Seamless Platform Integration

NGINX Gateway Fabric is a dedicated and conformant implementation of the Kubernetes Gateway API, which provides a high level of configuration compatibility and portability for easier migration. With a Kubernetes-native design, it ensures seamless ecosystem integration with other Kubernetes platform tools and processes. NGINX Gateway Fabric is an open source project that operates in accordance with the established community governance procedures, delivering full transparency in the development process and features roadmap.

Technical Specifications

Deploy on any Kubernetes Platform, Including:

  • Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)
  • Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
  • Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)
  • Red Hat OpenShift
  • Rancher by SUSE
  • VMware Tanzu
  • All other Kubernetes-conformant platforms

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