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Containers continue gaining popularity because of their efficiency in running applications and microservices at scale, and Kubernetes is the de facto standard for container management and orchestration platforms. NGINX Connectivity Stack for Kubernetes helps enhance any Kubernetes environment by providing better uptime, security, scalability, and observability for containerized workloads.

At the same time, challenges relating to budget and infrastructure are emerging for organizations that have applications deployed across on-premises and public cloud(s):

  • Increasing complexity, tool, and vendor sprawl makes it difficult and costly for organizations to configure, operate, secure, manage, automate, and troubleshoot their hybrid, multi-cloud Kubernetes environments.
  • Complex licensing models may undermine architectural decisions, potentially impacting the value of their chosen tools.
  • Organizations may spend excessive time and cost customizing the tools to achieve their desired application delivery goals, diverting their focus and thereby slowing time-to-market.

NGINX Ingress Controller ecosystem
With NGINX Connectivity Stack for Kubernetes, organizations get a bundled set of tools for secure, fast, and reliable NGINX data plane capabilities. Streamlined licensing based on deployed Kubernetes nodes does not restrict the number of NGINX instances required to service a wide variety of use cases and scenarios.

Connectivity Stack for Kubernetes Bundles Benefits

NGINX Connectivity Stack for Kubernetes bundles provide the following benefits:

  • Unlimited number of NGINX Ingress Controller and NGINX App Protect pods and simplified packaging gives organizations the flexibility they need to do the job without forcing sub-optimal architectural and business decisions.
  • Easy fulfillment of a diverse set of use cases related to scalability, observability, governance, and security of a Kubernetes platform – with a single package.
  • Predictable and affordable cost of scaling apps and workloads through straightforward per-node licensing.

Connectivity Stack for Kubernetes Bundles Components

NGINX Connectivity Stack for Kubernetes includes the following components:

  • NGINX Ingress Controller – Manage app connectivity at the edge of a Kubernetes cluster, with API Gateway, load balancer, security, and observability features.
  • NGINX Gateway Fabric – Implement the Kubernetes Gateway API across hybrid and multi-cloud Kubernetes environments with a secure, fast, and reliable NGINX data plane.
  • NGINX App Protect – F5’s industry-leading WAF and denial-of-service (DoS) protection for Kubernetes apps and APIs.
  • NGINX Management Suite Instance Manager – Discover and monitor all NGINX instances in your organization.

Get Started with NGINX Connectivity Stack for Kubernetes

Whether you are at the beginning of your Kubernetes journey or an advanced user who has run Kubernetes in production for a while, NGINX offers a comprehensive set of tools and building blocks to meet your needs and enhance security, scalability, and observability of your Kubernetes platform.

Get started by requesting your free 30-day trial of Connectivity Stack for Kubernetes that includes NGINX Ingress Controller with NGINX App Protect WAF and DoS.

Interested in enterprise support for your NGINX Open Source tools?

If you need enterprise support for your NGINX Open Source tools or additional enterprise capabilities of NGINX Plus, check the NGINX Open Source Subscription bundles page.


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