Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

The Solution

Deliver high performance for your APIs without compromising security.

Deliver APIs in Real Time

Delivers APIs in real time thanks to to a radically innovative architecture that decouples the control plane and data plane

Flexible and Portable

Deploys in any environment – bare metal, VMs, containers, and public, private, and hybrid clouds

Scale Your Business

Integrates into your CI/CD pipelines to automate definition and publication of your APIs and configuration of your gateways

API gateway chart

Benefits of F5 NGINX API Connectivity

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API Definition and Publication

Define APIs once and publish to many environments, in just a few steps

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API Authentication and Authorization

Authenticate and authorize APIs using JSON Web Token (JWT) validation and API keys

Rate Limiting

Protect APIs from DDoS attacks and bad client requests

Fair and predictable pricing

Pay only for API calls processed successfully, without artificial constraints on the number of users or APIs


Deliver high‑performance processing of both north‑south and east‑west API traffic without added complexity

Real-Time Monitoring and Alerting

Get critical insights into application performance with visibility into more than 100 metrics

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