Installing NGINX Plus on Microsoft Azure

NGINX Plus, the high‑performance application delivery platform, load balancer, and web server, is available at the Microsoft Azure Marketplace as a virtual machine (VM) image.

The VM image contains the latest version of NGINX Plus, optimized for use with Azure.

Installing the NGINX Plus VM

To quickly set up an NGINX Plus environment on Microsoft Azure:

  1. Follow the instructions in Create a Virtual Machine Running Linux to sign up on Azure and get more information about Azure itself.
  2. Search for “NGINX Plus” in the Azure Marketplace, open the VM image, and follow the installation instructions.

  3. Create an Azure Availability Set of two or more NGINX Plus VMs, which adds redundancy to your NGINX Plus setup by ensuring that at least one VM remains available during planned or unplanned maintenance on the Azure platform. For more information and instructions, see Manage the availability of Linux virtual machines in the Azure documentation.

  4. Create endpoints to enable clients outside the NGINX Plus VM’s cloud or virtual network to access it. Sign in to the Azure portal and create a Network Security Group with an inbound rule that admits HTTP traffic on port 80. If appropriate, create another inbound rule that admits HTTPS traffic on port 443. Associate the Network Security Group with the subnet or network interface of the NGINX Plus VM. For instructions, see How to open ports to a virtual machine with the Azure portal in the Azure documentation.

  5. As soon as the new VM launches, NGINX Plus starts automatically and serves a default index.html page. To verify that NGINX Plus is working properly, use a web browser to access the public DNS name of the new VM. You can also check the status of the NGINX Plus server by logging into the VM and running this command:

    $ /etc/init.d/nginx status

What If I Need Help?

If you encounter any problems with NGINX Plus configuration, documentation is available at and in the NGINX Plus Admin Guide.

Customers who purchase an NGINX Plus VM image at the Azure Marketplace are eligible for the Azure VM support provided by the NGINX, Inc. engineering team. To activate support, submit the Azure support activation form (you need your Azure subscription ID). If you later request support for a specific issue, we’ll ask you to provide the Azure subscription ID that you registered, along with the deployment IDs of your Azure virtual machines in some cases.


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