NGINX 3rd Party Modules

Below is a list of third-party modules for NGINX and NGINX Plus, created and maintained by members of the NGINX community. NGINX, Inc. does not provide support for these modules, so please reach out to each individual module developer for issues or help. For information on how to contribute a module to this list, see

For a list of officially supported modules from NGINX, Inc. and NGINX Plus Certified Modules from our partners, see

For information on how to contribute a module to this list, see

Module Description Repository
Accept Language Module Accept-Language header parser giom/nginx_accept_language_module
AFCGI Asynchronous/multiplexing FastCGI for NGINX rsms/afcgi
Akamai G2O Restricts access to content to Akamai edge servers using G2O headers kaltura/nginx_mod_akamai_g2o
Array Var Add support for array variables to NGINX config files openresty/array-var-nginx-module
Audio Track for HTTP Live Streaming Generate audio track for HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) streams on the fly flavioribeiro/nginx-audio-track-for-hls-module
HTTP Digest Authentication HTTP Digest Authentication atomx/nginx-http-auth-digest
PAM Authentication HTTP Basic Authentication using PAM sto/ngx_http_auth_pam_module
Request Authentication Allows authorization based on subrequest result ngx_http_auth_request_module
Auto Lib Reuse pre-compiled/installed versions of OpenSSL, PCRE and Zlib simplresty/ngx_auto_lib
AWS Auth Generate security headers for GET requests to Amazon S3 anomalizer/ngx_aws_auth
Backtrace A NGINX module to dump backtrace case a worker process exits abnormally alibaba/nginx-backtrace
Brotli Serves dynamically or statically compressed responses with brotli google/ngx_brotli
Cache Purge Adds ability to purge content from FastCGI, proxy, and uWSGI caches FRiCKLE/ngx_cache_purge
Circle Gif Generates simple circle images with colors/size specified in the URL evanmiller/nginx_circle_gif
Clojure A module for embedding Clojure, Java, and Groovy programs nginx-clojure/nginx-clojure
Cookie Flag Set the flags “HttpOnly”, “secure” and “SameSite” for cookies AirisX/nginx_cookie_flag_module, (support)
Concat Concatenates files in a given context alibaba/nginx-http-concat
Upstream Consistent Hash Select backend based on Consistent hash ring replay/ngx_http_consistent_hash
Development Kit An extension to the core functionality of NGINX simplresty/ngx_devel_kit
Upstream Domain Resolve An asynchronous domain name resolution module for NGINX upstream nicholaschiasson/ngx_upstream_jdomain
HTTP Drizzle Make NGINX talk directly to MySQL or Drizzle database servers openresty/drizzle-nginx-module
Dynamic etags NGINX module for etags on dynamic content kali/nginx-dynamic-etags
Dynamic Upstream Update upstreams’ config by restful interface yzprofile/ngx_http_dyups_module
Dynamic limit Dynamically lock IP and release it periodically limithit/ngx_dynamic_limit_req_module
Dynamic limit token Generate token according to cookie limithit/ngx_cookie_limit_req_module
HTTP Echo Provides familiar shell-style commands to NGINX HTTP servers openresty/echo-nginx-module
Stream Echo Provides familiar shell-style commands to NGINX stream servers openresty/stream-echo-nginx-module
Elasticsearch client Elasticsearch client in nginx proxy for multiple elasticsearch server Taymindis/nginx-elastic-client
Encrypted Session Encrypt NGINX variables for light-weight session-based authentication openresty/encrypted-session-nginx-module
Enhanced Memcached Repackaging of the standard memcached module to add features bpaquet/ngx_http_enhanced_memcached_module
Eval A module for evaluating memcached or proxy response into variable vkholodkov/nginx-eval-module
Eval (OpenResty’s fork) Captures arbitrary subrequests’ responses into custom NGINX variables openresty/nginx-eval-module
Execute Commands remotely and return results limithit/NginxExecute
EY Balancer Provides a request queue for limiting concurrent requests ezmobius/nginx-ey-balancer
Upstream Fair Balancer Distributes incoming requests to least-busy servers gnosek/nginx-upstream-fair
Fancy Index Like the built-in autoindex module, but fancier aperezdc/ngx-fancyindex
Foot Filter Implements a body filter that adds a given string to the page footer alibaba/nginx-http-footer-filter
FastCGI Functional Handler c/c++ service function handler which built for NGINX fastcgi Taymindis/fcgi-function
Footer If Filter Applies a footer if a response meets a specified condition flygoast/ngx_http_footer_if_filter/
Form Input Parses HTTP POST request bodies and saves results to NGINX variables calio/form-input-nginx-module
GeoIP2 City and country code lookups via the MaxMind GeoIP2 API leev/ngx_http_geoip2_module, (support)
GridFS NGINX module for serving files from MongoDB’s GridFS mdirolf/nginx-gridfs
Groovy A module for embedding Clojure, Java, and Groovy programs nginx-clojure/nginx-clojure
Haskell Binding Haskell code in configuration files for great good! lyokha/nginx-haskell-module
Headers More Set and clear input and output headers… more than “add”! openresty/headers-more-nginx-module, (support)
HTTP Healthcheck Health check HTTP servers inside an upstream cep21/healthcheck_nginx_upstreams
Traffic Accounting Realtime traffic and status code monitoring (HTTP + Stream) Lax/traffic-accounting-nginx-module
HTTP Iconv Converts character encodings calio/iconv-nginx-module
Immutable Setting immutable caching on static assets GetPageSpeed/ngx_immutable
Internal Redirect A NGINX module for internal redirection flygoast/ngx_http_internal_redirect/
IP2Location Identifies the country name/code of an IP address chrislim2888/ip2location-nginx
ipscrub Anonymizes IP addresses for logging masonicboom/ipscrub
Java A module for embedding Clojure, Java, and Groovy programs nginx-clojure/nginx-clojure
JavaScript Embedding SpiderMonkey, a full port of Perl module, and more peter-leonov/ngx_http_js_module#readme
Upstream Ketama CHash Provides upstream load distribution by hashing a configurable variable flygoast/ngx_http_upstream_ketama_chash/releases/
LDAP Auth LDAP module which supports authentication against multiple LDAP servers kvspb/nginx-auth-ldap
Limit Upload Rate Limit the transmission rate of request body from a client cfsego/limit_upload_rate
Limit Upstream Connection Limits the maximum connections to each server in a upstream cfsego/nginx-limit-upstream/
Lock Free Queue enqueue/dequeue across multiple threads and workers without any lock Taymindis/ngx_lfqueue
Lock Free Stack push/pop across multiple threads and workers without any lock Taymindis/ngx_lfstack
Log If Log the requests only when given conditions are met cfsego/ngx_log_if/
Log ZMQ Log the requests via ZeroMQ alticelabs/nginx-log-zmq
Lower Upper Case Provides upper/lowercase string functions in NGINX config files replay/ngx_http_lower_upper_case
HTTP Lua Embed the power of Lua into NGINX HTTP servers (OpenResty Official) openresty/lua-nginx-module, (support)
Stream Lua Embed the power of Lua into NGINX TCP servers (OpenResty Official) openresty/stream-lua-nginx-module
Luafile Embed the power of Lua into NGINX alacner/nginx_lua_module
HTTP Lua Upstream Make Nginx http upstream configurations scriptable by Lua openresty/lua-upstream-nginx-module
MD5 Filter Returns the MD5 sum of content that would’ve otherwise been served kainswor/nginx_md5_filter
HTTP Memc Extension of the standard memcached module openresty/memc-nginx-module
ModJPEG Add overlays and logos to JPEGs on-the-fly without degrading the quality ioppermann/modjpeg-nginx
ModSecurity Web application firewall spiderlabs/modsecurity/
Mogilefs Implements a MogileFS client Download
Mongo Upstream module for direct communication with MongoDB simplresty/ngx_mongo
MP4 Streaming Lite Seeks time within H.264/MP4 files if a “start” parameter is in the URL Download
mruby Embedded mruby script language for nginx-module matsumotory/ngx_mruby
Nchan Pubsub server for Websockets, Long-Poll, EventSource etc. slact/nchan
Naxsi Web Application Firewall for NGINX nbs-system/naxsi
nginx-c-function It is a NGINX module that allow you to link your .so(c/c++) application Taymindis/nginx-c-function
nginx-ip-blocker An efficient shared memory IP blocking system for nginx. tmthrgd/nginx-ip-blocker
Notice Serve static file to POST requests kr/nginx-notice
OCSP proxy OCSP processing module designed for response caching kyprizel/nginx_ocsp_proxy-module
OpenSSL Version OpenSSL minimum version constraints in configuration PennockTech/nginx-openssl-version
OpenSSL status OpenSSL status counters (SSL_CTX_sess_*) andreydomas/ngx_http_ssl_status_module
Owner Match Provides a simple file owner-based access control Download
PageSpeed Rewrites webpages and associated assets to reduce latency and bandwidth pagespeed/ngx_pagespeed
Passenger NGINX-based application server for Ruby, Node.js and Python apps Download, (support)
NGINX Phoenix edition (v0.7) An NGINX proxy that has improved stability and effective resiliency against man-in-the-middle attacks coming from network. R6-Security-Phoenix/mod-nginx-phoenix
PHP Embedded php script language for nginx-module rryqszq4/ngx_php
PHP Session Parser Extract values that are stored in a serialized PHP session replay/ngx_http_php_session
PHP-Memache Standard Hash Load balancer that imitates the PHP-Memcache standard hash’s behaviour replay/ngx_http_php_memcache_standard_balancer
POST authentication Authentication and authorization via POST request and PAM veruu/ngx_form_auth
Postgres Allows NGINX to communicate directly with PostgreSQL database Download
Pubcookie Adds Pubcookie-based cross-site authentication method to NGINX ivandeex/pubcookie
HTTP Push Stream Turns NGINX into an adept stream HTTP Push server wandenberg/nginx-push-stream-module
HTTP rDNS Makes a reverse DNS lookup and provides control of incoming hostname flant/nginx-http-rdns
RDS CSV Helps ngx_drizzle, ngx_postgres, and others emit Comma-Separated Values openresty/rds-csv-nginx-module
RDS JSON Helps ngx_drizzle, ngx_postgres, and others emit JSON data openresty/rds-json-nginx-module
HTTP Redis Redis support module Download
HTTP Redis2 HTTP Upstream module for the full Redis 2.0 protocol openresty/redis2-nginx-module
HTTP Tarantool HTTP Upstream module for communicate with Tarantool DB tarantool/nginx_upstream_module Embeds the redirect manager and SEO-optimizer “” in NGINX redirectionio/libnginx-mod-redirectionio
Replace Filter Performs regular expression substitutions on response bodies openresty/replace-filter-nginx-module
Roboo HTTP Robot Mitigator that integrates easily with NGINX yuri-gushin/Roboo/downloads
RRD Graph This module provides an HTTP interface to RRDtool’s graphing facilities evanmiller/mod_rrd_graph
RTMP RTMP protocol support. Live streaming and video on demand arut/nginx-rtmp-module
RTMPT module Proxy RTMP packages using stadard HTTP requests kwojtek/nginx-rtmpt-proxy-module
Sass Compiles SASS files in NGINX before sending the response mneudert/sass-nginx-module
Secure Download Create expiring links replay/ngx_http_secure_download
Security Headers Adds security HTTP headers like X-Content-Type-Options GetPageSpeed/ngx_security_headers
Select Lang Chooses a suitable language from key-values and set it in the variable sndyuk/nginx_select_lang_module
Selective Cache Purge A cache purge module that allows GLOB expressions like .jpg or /test wandenberg/nginx-selective-cache-purge-module
Set CConv Conversion between Simplified and Traditional Chinese at rewrite phase liseen/set-cconv-nginx-module
Set Hash Set a variable to hash functions, including MD5, SHA1 and Murmurhash 2 simplresty/ngx_http_set_hash
Set Lang Set a variable to indicate the language based on a variety of sources simplresty/ngx_http_set_lang/downloads
HTTP Set Misc Various set_xxx directives added to NGINX’s rewrite module openresty/set-misc-nginx-module, (support)
sFlow Operational performance monitoring with standard sFlow protocol Download
Shibboleth Auth Perform authorization based on subrequest to Shibboleth FastCGI app nginx-shib/nginx-http-shibboleth
Slice NGINX module for serving a file in slices (reverse byte-range) alibaba/nginx-http-slice
SlowFS Cache Adds ability to cache static files Download
SmallLight Dynamic Image Transformation Module For NGINX cubicdaiya/ngx_small_light
SOCKS SOCKS5 proxy module for NGINX dannote/socks-nginx-module
Sorted Querystring Expose a variable with the parameters ordered to be used as a cache_key wandenberg/nginx-sorted-querystring-module
Sphinx NGINX upstream module for Sphinx 2.x reeteshranjan/sphinx2-nginx-module
SPNEGO Support for SPNEGO/gssapi in NGINX stnoonan/spnego-http-auth-nginx-module
HTTP SRCache Transparent subrequest-based caching layout for NGINX locations openresty/srcache-nginx-module
SSSD info Retrieves and exposes additional user attributes from SSSD veruu/ngx_sssd_info
Static etags Generates etags for static content mikewest/nginx-static-etags
Statsd Adds the ability for NGINX to interacting with Statsd zebrafishlabs/nginx-statsd
Sticky upstream Adds an upstream server persistance using cookies nginx-goodies/nginx-sticky-module-ng/get/master.tar.gz
Stomp Messaging Protocol A STOMP upstream module on nginx, send http to any AMQ which has stomp Taymindis/ngx-stomp
STS A stream traffic status module vozlt/nginx-module-sts
Subrange Split one big HTTP/Range request to multiple subrange requesets Qihoo360/ngx_http_subrange_module
Substitutions Performs regular expression and string substitutions on response bodies yaoweibin/ngx_http_substitutions_filter_module, (support)
Summarizer An upstream module for Summarizer 1.0 reeteshranjan/summarizer-nginx-module
Supervisord Communicate with supervisord and manage backends on-demand Download
Sync Upstreams Syncing upstreams from etcd or consul, needn’t reload nginx(HTTP Module) weibocom/nginx-upsync-module
Sync Upstreams Syncing upstreams from etcd or consul, needn’t reload nginx(TCP Module) xiaokai-wang/nginx-stream-upsync-module
SysGuard A module to protect the system against too high load vozlt/nginx-module-sysguard
TCP Proxy TCP proxy with NGINX, includes health check and status monitor yaoweibin/nginx_tcp_proxy_module
TestCookie module Simple robot (DDoS) mitigation module kyprizel/testcookie-nginx-module
Transcode Module NGINX module for media transcoding HiSunzhenliang/nginx-transcode-module
Types Filter Changes the Content-Type output header on specified conditions flygoast/ngx_http_types_filter
UnTar serve static file content from tar archives ajax16384/ngx_http_untar_module
UnZip serve file directly from the archives youzee/nginx-unzip-module
Upload Handles file uploads using multipart/form-data encoding (RFC 1867) vkholodkov/nginx-upload-module
NGINX Upload Progress Module Tracks and reports upload progress masterzen/nginx-upload-progress-module
Url A module to convert uri to user-defined encoding vozlt/nginx-module-url
User Agent A more powerful module than the native BrowserModule alibaba/nginx-http-user-agent
Video Thumb Extractor NGINX module to extract thumbs from a video file wandenberg/nginx-video-thumbextractor-module
VOD Repackage MP4 files for streaming in HLS, HDS, MSS and DASH kaltura/nginx-vod-module
VTS A virtual host and upstream traffic status module vozlt/nginx-module-vts
Webp Webp wrapper to convert files on the fly vladbondarenko/ngx_webp
XSS Native support for cross-site scripting (XSS) openresty/xss-nginx-module
Zip Assemble ZIP archives on the fly evanmiller/mod_zip
ngx_waf Handy, High performance, ModSecurity compatible Nginx firewall module ADD-SP/ngx_waf
ngx_sqlite Allow accessing SQLite database directly from HTTP requests rryqszq4/ngx_sqlite
ngx_casbin A powerful authorization module with casbin supports flexible policy casbin-cpp/nginx-casbin-module
Markdown filter Render markdown files as html on-the-fly ukarim/ngx_markdown_filter_module