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What is NGINX Controller?

NGINX Controller is a centralized monitoring and management platform for NGINX Plus. Easily manage multiple NGINX Plus instances from a single, beautiful interface. Uncover performance insights in real time with rich monitoring. Configure application delivery policies from a single point of control. NGINX Controller puts you in strategic command of your entire application.

Why NGINX Controller?

Strategic command

When you can see it all, you can do it all: NGINX Controller provides a comprehensive view of delivery services, including load balancing and SSL/TLS termination.


Move beyond the manual processes that stifle innovation. Give application teams self‑service capabilities to deploy new applications faster.


Prevent “shadow IT” from creeping into your operations. Gain granular control over every process with role‑based access control – putting the right tools in the right hands.


Centralized traffic management

Manage hundreds of NGINX Plus instances with a single, beautiful user interface:

  • Push-button deployment of virtual load balancers
  • Traffic routing based on URI
  • SSL key and certificate management
  • Add and remove upstream servers

Centralized monitoring

Get critical insights into application performance:

  • Key metrics such as requests per second, active connections, bandwidth usage
  • Dashboard overview aggregating metrics across load balancers
  • Zoom in for per-application metrics
  • Monitoring provided by NGINX Amplify

Role-based access controls

Give application owners the power to deploy and update their own apps, while still maintaining IT control:

  • Role-based access control (RBAC) ensures clean audit trails
  • Each team controls its own load balancer, centrally provisioned through IT
  • Application owners self-manage load balancing and app deployment


Deploy rapidly while maintaining application integrity:

  • Implement blue/green deployments with the push of a button
  • Safely test new application versions with canary releases
  • Roll back new versions seamlessly
  • Automate using a GraphQL API with JSON configuration



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