Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus


Architecting Kubernetes Clusters For High-Traffic Websites


Step 1: Learn from the Experts

Time: 1 hour

We cover the essentials of Kubernetes networking and answer the question “How do I route traffic to my microservices in Kubernetes?” You’ll learn about:

  • The basics of Kubernetes infrastructure and traffic management
  • Node pools and node instances
  • NodePort vs LoadBalancer vs Ingress
  • The Ingress controller landscape
  • What you need to know about the Kubernetes Gateway API

Step 2: Dive Deeper

Time: 1-2 hours

NodePort, LoadBalancer, Ingress controller…oh my! This collection explains the different ways you can expose services and how to choose the option that’s best for you.

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Step 3: Get Hands On

In our first self-paced lab, you’ll use NGINX Ingress Controller to expose a Kubernetes app, then drive traffic to that app, and finally observe the pod scaling on the number of requests.

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