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Start Delivering Microservices



What Will I Learn?

Microservices March 2023 is a free educational program that addresses some of the key fundamentals of delivering microservices. The entire curriculum is eight hours of activities spread out over four weeks. Do it all or pick just the parts that interest you.

  • Unit 1: Apply the Twelve-Factor App to Microservices Architectures
  • Unit 2: Microservices Secrets Management 101
  • Unit 3: Accelerate Microservices Deployments with Automation
  • Unit 4: Manage Microservices Chaos and Complexity with Observability

Who Is Microservices March 2023 For?

This program is 101-focused. You’ll benefit most if you’re transitioning into a company already using microservices, are currently deciding on an architecture, or are about to start your own conversion to microservices.

DevOps and Engineering Leaders

One of the first steps in any microservices strategy is to design and architect it for your organization’s business needs. You’ll learn the common issues faced by every organization implementing microservices, and strategies to address them in a way that’s right for you and your teams.

Platform and
IT Ops

Once the system has been architected, you are critical for both keeping things running reliably and acting as a critical enabler for other roles. You’ll learn the challenges faced by other groups using the system and understand what you need to consider as you guide them to success.

Site Reliability

While microservices help teams execute more independently, they can also introduce a large number of additional points of failure. You’ll learn the common areas of failure so you can be one step ahead of potential incidents and be a valuable educator for other roles.

Learn the Fundamentals of Delivering Microservices