Meet the First App‑Centric, Multi‑Cloud Application Platform for Modern App Teams

From NetOps to DevOps, modern app teams need a self‑service, API‑driven platform that integrates easily into CI/CD workflows to accelerate app deployment – whether your app has a hybrid or microservices architecture – and makes app lifecycle management easier.

Built to manage NGINX Plus instances, NGINX Controller is cloud‑native, secure, and high‑performance.

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Why NGINX Controller?

Icon of Agile Running Man

Code to Customer Delivery

Increase your speed to market
by eliminating tool sprawl
with our single, ecosystem‑friendly,
cloud‑agnostic platform

Application Insights

Improve your app
performance and uptime
by leveraging valuable
analytics and actionable insights

Loyal Customers

Give your customers
something to rave about
by accelerating delivery of
your digital experiences

How Do We Help You?

Automate Your CI/CD Pipeline

Want to reduce your app deployment time from months to minutes?

Our declarative APIs enable automation and orchestration of your applications and APIs published through NGINX Controller. The result is seamless integration into your CI/CD pipeline with key tools like Ansible and Datadog.

Understand and Manage Your
App Portfolio

Need clear visibility into the number, performance, and ownership costs of your apps?

NGINX Controller is cloud‑agnostic and includes a set of enterprise‑grade services that give you a clear line of sight to apps in development, test, or production. With per‑app analytics, you gain new insights into app performance and reliability so you can pinpoint performance issues before they impact production. We ensure that your data is always accessible when and where you need it – even when disruptions occur – through flexible storage options that give you control and visibility. Controller also enables app‑centric load balancing so you can better optimize application performance.

Empower Your Teams with Self‑Service

Aspire to improve collaboration across your modern app teams to unleash their productivity and efficiency?

All your teams – DevOps, NetOps, SecOps, and AppDev – can enjoy self‑service management and monitoring of their own apps through role‑based access control (RBAC). With Controller, even certificate management, typically a huge pain, becomes easy for teams. Orchestrated workflows mean you can promote seamless collaboration across teams and ensure they get the information that matters most. With the new Developer Portal (currently in preview mode) teams both inside and outside your organization can discover and use your APIs as soon as you publish them.