NGINX Controller Application Delivery Module

Configure, validate, and troubleshoot load balancers at scale across a multi‑cloud environment

The Application Delivery Module for NGINX Controller is a centralized management platform for all of your NGINX Plus load balancers across a multi‑cloud environment. Using an intuitive wizard‑style interface, you can configure features such as load balancing, URL routing, and SSL/TLS termination for all your NGINX Plus instances. NGINX Controller has rich monitoring and alerting capabilities that help ensure application availability, performance, and reliability. It provides deep visibility into 200 key metrics and preemptive recommendations based on best practices, enabling ITOps and DevOps teams to avoid performance issues in the first place and more quickly troubleshoot any issues that do arise.
Key Benefits include:

Real‑Time Monitoring and Alerting

Get critical insights into application performance:

  • Graphs of key metrics such as requests per second, active connections, bandwidth usage
  • Alert on more than 200 metrics such as CPU usage, 4xx/5xx errors, and health‑check failures, based on predefined thresholds
  • Easy integration with any monitoring tool of your choice using REST API

NGINX Controller R1 Graphs


Monitor and troubleshoot NGINX Plus instances quickly with:

  • An overview dashboard that aggregates metrics across load balancers
  • An Application Health Score that measures successful requests and timely responses
  • Customizable dashboards to monitor metrics specific to your environment

NGINX Controller overview

Preemptive Recommendations

Use the built‑in configuration analyzer for:

  • Enhanced performance and security based on analysis of thousands of customer configurations
  • Better SLA compliance by following built‑in best practices
  • Preemptive and actionable recommendations for:
    • Configuration
    • Security
    • SSL/TLS status

NGINX Controller analyzer

Simplified Config Management

Navigate a simple and intuitive wizard‑like user interface for:

  • Guided workflow for NGINX Plus configuration
  • Push‑button deployment of load balancers
  • Traffic routing to upstream servers
  • SSL/TLS key and certificate management

NGINX Controller Configure

Policy‑Driven Management

Accelerate application deployment by defining policies customized for different configuration environments, such as:

  • Staging
  • Production
  • Specific lines of business

NGINX Controller Configure