High-Availability Load Balancing with
NGINX Plus on Microsoft Azure

Get the Most from Your Azure Investment

When organizations select cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure, they sometimes find that the available tools for application delivery don’t match the sophistication of the enterprise-grade traffic management devices in their own data centers.

This lack of sophistication can mean that applications are hard to control. It can result in sprawling infrastructure that is inefficient and more expensive to operate and manage.

An NGINX Plus Virtual Machine is a proven solution to the challenges of delivering high-quality applications and content from Azure.

Load Balance Your Azure-Hosted Applications

NGINX brings the power and control you need to your Azure environment, so you can operate services and deliver content at the high standard your customers and developers demand.

NGINX Plus can operate standalone or can complement Azure's load balancing solutions, reducing your costs and delivering complex applications. It delivers Azure-ready load balancing, high-availability and management features, in an Virtual Machine from the Azure Marketplace.

Full Support and Professional Services

NGINX, Inc. provides full technical support for Microsoft Azure subscribers. Subscribers receive email support to cover bug reports, product specific inquiries and queries relating to reference documentation, and all NGINX Plus software updates during their subscription period.

Professional services are available as an add-on service to assist with design and implementation, configuration audit, high-availability setup, performance optimization, and expedited code changes to resolve product issues.

Simplify and Reduce Operating Costs

NGINX Plus supports domain and URL switching and routing, giving you greater control over how traffic is load balanced. This simplifies and reduces costs by enabling you to deploy multiple applications behind NGINX Plus.

NGINX Plus responds to requests directly from cache where appropriate, and accelerates other HTTP transactions. That means you can serve more users with less infrastructure, saving you money. NGINX Plus’ bandwidth compression reduces your data costs.

Deliver Complex Applications

NGINX Plus works with your applications to ensure that your users get the best possible performance, even in the face of large traffic spikes. SSL offload, caching, and bandwidth and rate control combine to deliver content to your users in a predictable and secure manner.

With NGINX Plus you can deliver WebSocket and SPDY-based services.

Easy Configuration and Monitoring

Based on the massively popular open source NGINX web server, NGINX Plus integrates easily with DevOps deployment processes. Simple text configuration files can be managed by standard tools such as Puppet, Chef, and Zookeeper. Load-balancing targets can be managed and updated by DNS – a key requirement in dynamic cloud environments.

Centralized logging and live activing monitoring make it easy to monitor application performance and availability and to plan for future growth.

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