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Ever needed to know what’s going on right now with your NGINX Plus server? Do you suspect a DDoS attack, or are users reporting errors from your website?

NGINX Plus includes a real‑time activity monitoring interface that provides key load and performance metrics. Using a simple RESTful JSON interface, it’s very easy to connect these stats to live dashboards and third‑party monitoring tools.

NGINX Plus has a graphical dashboard with key performance numbers
The NGINX Plus dashboard provides critical insights into application performance (live demo)

The live activity monitoring data is generated by a special handler that is defined in the extended Status module. You can configure live activity monitoring as follows:

server {
listen 8080;
root /usr/share/nginx/html;

# Redirect requests for / to /status.html
location = / {
return 301 /status.html;

location = /status.html { }

# Everything beginning with /status (except for /status.html) is
# processed by the status handler

location /status {

In Detail – The Live Activity Monitoring JSON Feed

To enable the status URL in NGINX Plus, add the api directive to your server configuration:

location /status {
allow; # permit access from local network
deny all; # deny access from everywhere else


When you access /status (or whichever URI matches the location directive), NGINX Plus returns a JSON document containing the current activity data:

  • Basic version, uptime, and identification information
  • Total connections and requests
  • Request and response counts for each status zone
  • Request and response counts, response time, health‑check status, and uptime statistics per server in each upstream group
  • Instrumentation for each named cache zone

You can drill down to obtain subsets of the data, or single data points using a RESTful approach:

Drill down to the data you need with NGINX Plus’ live activity monitoring

For more information, check out the reference documentation and Live Activity Monitoring of NGINX Plus in 3 Simple Steps.

External monitoring

You can also export NGINX Plus metrics to your choice of external monitoring tools. NGINX Plus currently integrates with:

With these integrations you can view NGINX Plus metrics with your favorite monitoring tool.


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