Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

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In this Report you will learn:

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    How API management solutions from NGINX, Kong, and AWS compare based on testing from an independent, trusted benchmarking firm

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    Why real-time APIs with response latency under 30ms at all percentiles are mission critical, and why decoupling the control and data planes is essential to achieving this level of performance

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    How cloud-based API management solutions are not a good fit for real-time API management environments

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    Why NGINX Controller is the only API management solution capable of delivering real-time, mission-critical performance at all latencies

About the Report

Speed – it’s key in a world governed by API interactions, where consumers can easily switch to a digital competitor if your API’s performance is too slow. One of the critical factors in API response speed is the latency introduced by your API gateway, and not all API gateways perform at the same level.

Enter NGINX Plus and NGINX Controller, the only high‑performance, real‑time API gateway and API management solution capable of processing your API requests in under 30ms at all percentiles. This report includes a series of comprehensive benchmarks, comparing NGINX Controller’s performance versus popular API management platforms from Kong and AWS.

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