NGINX is now part of F5. See why we’re better together.

Leif Beaton

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Leif Beaton
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Replacing and Augmenting F5 BIG-IP with NGINX Plus – EMEA

The way we build applications has changed a lot since 1996, when F5 BIG-IP was released. Companies that use F5 BIG-IP complain of high cost and lack of agility. In this webinar we describe how to replace or augment your F5 BIG-IP deployment with NGINX Plus for cost savings and greater agility.

What’s New in NGINX Plus R16? – EMEA

NGINX Plus is often deployed in a cluster, & the new features in R16 help our customers working in a clustered environment. Some of the new features include global rate limiting, a cluster-aware key-value store, Random with Two Choices load-balancing...

NGINX: Basics and Best Practices – EMEA

In this webinar we help you get started using NGINX, the de facto web server for building modern applications. We cover best practices for installing, configuring, and troubleshooting both NGINX Open Source and the enterprise-grade NGINX Plus.