Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus
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A Stress-Free Roadmap to Application Modernization

This guide provides practical and actionable advice relating to the four key pillars that underpin application modernization – scale, security, observability, and governance.

Taking Kubernetes from Test to Production

A practical guide to how Kubernetes traffic management tools – including an Ingress controller and service mesh – can help you solve the challenges of resilience, visibility, and security that come with running Kubernetes in production.

Securing Modern Apps Against Layer 7 DoS Attacks

Attempting to balance development speed and security for modern applications isn’t always easy – in fact it’s extremely difficult. But it doesn’t have to be. Read this NGINX whitepaper to learn about the latest threat in the application landscape and how development and security teams can effectively respond.

Modern App and API Security

Learn why modern app security is both essential and challenging, and how NGINX App Protect secures your apps and APIs across a wide range of deployment scenarios.

The Complete NGINX Cookbook

With new and updated recipes for 2022, this free O'Reilly eBook is better than ever. Get sample NGINX configurations for load balancing, cloud deployment, automation, containers and microservices, service mesh, security, and more.


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