SISTIC Lowers Costs by 80% and Accelerates Go-to-Market Speed with NGINX Plus

NGINX Plus Is the Core of the Dynamic Architecture for SISTIC's New Container-Based Cloud Platform
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SISTIC, the leading and largest ticketing agency in Singapore, provides a seamless online ticketing experience for a broad portfolio of major arts, culture, and entertainment events.


For its new private cloud that hosts containerized microservices-based apps, SISTIC needed an equally dynamic architecture with load balancing and associated services that its application teams could manage directly and integrate into their automated CI/CD pipelines.


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80% Cost Savings

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Infinite Scalability

Faster Go-to-Market Capability

SISTIC is Singapore’s leading and largest ticketing agency, handling an extensive portfolio of major events each year with a seamless ticketing solution and a one‑stop marketplace dedicated to the arts, culture and entertainment. It recently added a second private cloud for greater scalability and faster deployment of app updates. SISTIC needed a new architecture that could match the dynamism of its container‑based cloud platform. The agency was looking for an easier way to manage application services, and hoped to lower costs as well. To achieve these objectives, SISTIC turned to NGINX Plus.

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