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nginx.conf 2016 is happening September 7–9, less than a month away. Sign up today via this link for a $400 discount plus another 25% off!

The first two days – Wednesday, September 7 and Thursday, September 8 – are the regular conference, with sessions and exhibitor booths. We will also have two of the most popular attractions at every NGINX conference: an NGINX booth staffed by NGINX developers from our Moscow team and the infamous NGINX swag store.

Friday, September 9 is our all‑NGINX optional training day with two tracks. NGINX Fundamentals in the morning, and NGINX Advanced Training in the afternoon, make up one track. The second track is a full day on microservices – which is filling up fast!

NGINX continues to be a bedrock tool for all the most exciting things happening in application development, such as replacement of hardware ADCs, moving to AWS and other cloud vendors, microservices, and the use of Docker for containerization.

All of our sessions this year reflect the wide diversity and sheer energy behind the use of NGINX today. In our previous post, we introduced you to the NGINX presenters. Here are a few of the exciting sessions coming up from partners and customers:

  • Wednesday, September 7 – Mitigating the Thundering Herd Problem with Mike Howsden from PBS Digital, including a focus on caching; Borg‑Like Resilience for Microservices with Datawire’s Brian Kelly; and Building a Security Shield for Your Applications with NGINX, brought to nginx.conf by Stepan Ilin of Wallarm. Nearer the end of the day, Dave Drinkle of Expedia will talk about Using NGINX for Cloud Migration at Scale.
  • Thursday, September 8th – End‑to‑End TLS with Intel QuickAssist, featuring Intel’s Brian Will; Let’s Encrypt and a Fully Encrypted Web with April King of Mozilla; and API Tracking and Monitoring at Scale, by Cosmin Stanciu of Adobe. At day’s end, you can hear about Cutting Response Times from 60 Seconds to 90ms from Anoop Aryal of Aggrego and Working Smarter with Microservices from Roger Stringer at Clevertech.

The final post in this series will talk about last‑minute additions and point to activities in and around Austin during nginx.conf 2016. Use your discount now!

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