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NGINX Powers Kong API Management Solution

NGINX is chosen by more of the top 10,000 busiest sites and applications than any other solution for handling the most demanding levels of traffic. We’re seeing a dramatic increase in customers and partners who are using NGINX and NGINX Plus as a high‑performance API gateway. Mashape, an online API company, today launched Kong, an open source management solution for APIs and microservices. Over the past several years Mashape developed the underlying technology for Kong, the basis of its API marketplace, on top of NGINX.

Mashape’s vision is to streamline the core processes that developers use everyday. With a management layer and control capabilities, Kong addresses the creation of next‑generation API‑driven services such as the latest in mobile, IoT, and Web. To make Kong a reality, Mashape turned to NGINX to get battle‑tested reliability and a high‑performance platform. The open software architecture of NGINX far exceeds the capability of traditional hardware load balancers, while providing unlimited throughput at a lower cost than its competitors. Mashape reviewed all options and we’re delighted that they concluded that NGINX was the ideal choice for Kong, powering applications from long‑tail developers to enterprise solutions.

Kong has developed a set of plug‑in libraries that configure NGINX for a range of API use cases. They’ve carefully mapped out the functionality needed by their users, and taken advantage of the advanced features in NGINX Plus such as health monitoring, status reporting, and performance alerts for APIs.

With Kong, developers focus their time and effort on creating new services without having to recode common backend logic for every microservice. For Mashape, their decision to build on NGINX freed its engineering team to focus on what matters most – bringing the developer community the first free open source API management platform.

Try Kong today. It’s free and available for immediate download.

For further information, see the Kong blog.

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