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Introducing NGINX API Management: Manage NGINX Plus API Gateways with NGINX Controller

Application programming interfaces (APIs) have become central to the digital economy. Forbes dubbed 2017 the year of the API economy. According to Programmable Web, the de facto journal of the API economy, APIs have witnessed explosive growth over the last five years. Since January 2014, an average of more than 2,000 public APIs have been added per year,…

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Consolidating Your API Gateway and Load Balancer with NGINX

[ngx_snippet name='table-style-blog'] Now that software load balancers are the standard in modern, DevOps‑driven organizations, what new challenges have we created for ourselves? How can we deal with the complexities of “proxy‑sprawl”? Can we consolidate without compromising performance, stability, and functionality? Most professionals in the web and app delivery space are familiar with the trajectory of…

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Deploying NGINX Plus as an API Gateway, Part 2: Protecting Backend Services

This is the second blog post in our series on deploying NGINX Plus as an API gateway. Part 1 provides detailed configuration instructions for several use cases. This post extends those use cases and looks at a range of safeguards that can be applied to protect and secure backend API services in production: Rate Limiting Enforcing Specific…

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Authenticating API Clients with JWT and NGINX Plus

[ngx_snippet name='table-style-blog'] JSON Web Tokens (JWTs, pronounced “jots”) are a compact and highly portable means of exchanging identity information. The JWT specification has been an important underpinning of OpenID Connect, providing a single sign‑on token for the OAuth 2.0 ecosystem. JWTs can also be used as authentication credentials in their own right and are a better…

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Building Microservices: Using an API Gateway

Editor – This seven‑part series of articles is now complete: Introduction to Microservices Building Microservices: Using an API Gateway (this article) Building Microservices: Inter‑Process Communication in a Microservices Architecture Service Discovery in a Microservices Architecture Event-Driven Data Management for Microservices Choosing a Microservices Deployment Strategy Refactoring a Monolith into Microservices You can also download the complete…

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Manage Your API Gateway for Less with 3scale and NGINX Plus

NGINX, Inc. and 3scale are teaming up to offer the highest performing API gateway on the market. For a limited time, special combination packages are being offered at a significant discount. 3scale provides a full‑featured API management solution with exceptional scalability, security, and flexibility to meet the most demanding requirements. 3scale makes it easy to manage…

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