Announcing NGINX Plus R9

NGINX Plus Release 9 includes dynamic modules, UDP load balancing, support for service discovery with DNS SRV records, & new "all you can eat" App Pricing

Announcing NGINX Plus R11

NGINX Plus Release 11 includes binary compatibility for dynamic modules, enhanced TCP/UDP load balancing and nginScript, the new GeoIP2 module, and more.

Dynamic Modules Development

Dynamic modules add great flexibility and possibilities for customization to open source NGINX and NGINX Plus, and open new opportunities for developers.

NGINX Dynamic Modules: How They Work

Maxim Dounin of NGINX, Inc. explains how dynamic modules are implemented for NGINX and NGINX Plus, and how to modify your code and config to use them.

Announcing NGINX Plus Certified Modules

With NGINX Plus Certified Modules, you can add in advanced functionality from NGINX partners with confidence that it's thoroughly tested for compatibility.

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