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Maximizing PHP 7 Performance with NGINX, Part 2: Multiple Servers and Load Balancing

PHP is the programming language used for many popular frameworks and content management systems (CMSes). We have specific articles on the two most popular PHP-based CMSes, WordPress and Drupal. Introduction – When to Use Multiple Servers Part 1 of this blog post covers maximizing PHP web server performance on a single‑server implementation, where the web server and…

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8 Tips for Drupal 8 Performance

Editor – For more on maximizing Drupal 8 performance with NGINX, watch our webinar on demand, Maximizing Drupal 8 Performance with NGINX. You can read a transcript of the webinar in two parts: Architecture and Configuration and Caching and Load Balancing. [blockquote author="David Wheeler"]All problems in computer science can be solved by another level of indirection. Drupal is a…

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NGINX Plus and Microsoft Azure Load Balancers

[ngx_snippet name='table-style-blog'] [Editor – This post has been updated to refer to the NGINX Plus API, which replaces and deprecates the separate dynamic configuration module mentioned in the original version of the post.] Customers using Microsoft Azure have three options for load balancing: NGINX Plus, the Azure load balancing services, or NGINX Plus in conjunction with the Azure…

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Reverse Proxy Using NGINX Plus

NGINX has gained justifiable fame as a very high‑performance web server. I think many people realize that NGINX can also be used as a reverse proxy, but they might not be aware of just what a powerful reverse proxy it is. What Is a Reverse Proxy? Let's start by taking a step back and asking,…

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Load Balancing with NGINX and NGINX Plus, Part 2

In Load Balancing with NGINX and NGINX Plus, Part 1, we set up a simple HTTP proxy to load balance traffic across several web servers. In this article, we'll look at additional features, some of them available in NGINX Plus: performance optimization with keepalives, health checks, session persistence, redirects, and content rewriting. For details of the load‑balancing features in NGINX and…

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