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Creating Installable Packages for Dynamic Modules

Editor –This post is part of a two‑part series on using third‑party dynamic modules with NGINX and NGINX Plus. The first post provides step-by-step instructions for compiling third‑party dynamic modules which ca be loaded by NGINX or NGINX Plus at runtime. This post provides guidance and tooling for automating third‑party dynamic module builds for a production environment. It…

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Dynamic Modules Development

The following is adapted from a presentation given by Ruslan Ermilov of NGINX, Inc. at nginx.conf 2015, held in San Francisco in September. You can view a recording of the complete presentation on YouTube. To download the slides, right-click here. Table of Contents 0:00 Introduction 2:39 Module Growth 3:22 Core Modules 4:30 Event Modules 4:58 HTTP, Stream, and Mail…

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