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Introducing CI/CD with NGINX and NGINX Plus

Continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) is a modern approach to managing the entire life cycle of writing, updating, and delivering applications. The agile and lightweight design of NGINX and NGINX Plus makes them extremely useful tools in support of many parts of a CI/CD platform. With CI/CD, everything from bug fixes to major feature changes are delivered…

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Get the Hands‑On Guide to CD with Java and Docker in this Free O’Reilly Report

For more than 21 years Java has been a workhorse in the IT industry. It has become the all‑purpose programming language used to create large monolithic enterprise applications. But as enterprises move towards microservices, which involves breaking down application logic into smaller components, does Java still have a place? Though it may seem like a strange…

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Get the Hands‑On Guide to CI/CD with Docker in this Free O’Reilly Ebook

It’s no secret that the use of Docker and container technologies is on the rise. We recently surveyed the broad community of NGINX and NGINX Plus users and found that a full two‑thirds of organizations are investigating or already using containers in some way. Whether you’re already running contained applications in production or are still thinking…

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Adopting Microservices at Netflix: Lessons for Team and Process Design

In a previous blog post, we shared best practices for designing a microservices architecture, based on Adrian Cockcroft’s presentation at nginx.conf 2014 about his experience as Director of Web Engineering and then Cloud Architect at Netflix. In this follow‑up post, we’ll review his recommendations for retooling your development team and processes for a smooth transition to…

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