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NGINX and Netflix Contribute New sendfile(2) to FreeBSD

Open source is the driving force for more and more innovation in technology and business, and open source is the new standard for application development, as described in our blog post, The Three Waves of Open Source Development. NGINX is one of the most significant open source projects, powering nearly half of the world’s busiest…

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The Three Waves of Open Source Development

This article was originally posted on Black Duck Software’s Open Source Delivers blog. Three Waves In the next 20 years, it will be nearly impossible to develop large-scale software or platforms without using open source software. The genie is out of the bottle, and all of the most significant digital business and innovation is happening in open source projects. Not surprisingly, with the adoption of open source, the way in which that software is being developed has changed over time as well. A macro-trend uncovered in this year’s Future of Open Source Survey seems to indicate the rise of a third wave of open source development.

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The Natural Evolution of Open Source: An Interview with NGINX CEO Gus Robertson

By Megan DeGruttola, Black Duck Software This article was originally posted on Black Duck Software’s blog. NGINX, Inc. is known for its open source, high‑performance HTTP web server. With its new NGINX Plus Release 6 (R6) and a growing number of third‑party tools being built on top of its platform, NGINX is continuing to expand well…

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Adopting Microservices: Getting Started with Implementation

We’ve been talking a lot about why organizations should adopt microservices and use a four-tier architecture when building applications and websites. Microservices enable architects, developers, and engineers to keep pace with the demand for new app functionality and better performance across distributed experiences and devices. They provide technology that is independent, flexible, resilient, easy to deploy, organizationally aligned, and easily composed.

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