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Evolving from ‘Load Balancers’ to Flawless Delivery with ‘ADP’

Application delivery is changing fast. TechTarget recently published a great article on the topic, ‘Load balancers’ to ‘ADP’: The latest on app delivery. In this piece, John Burke of Nemertes Research highlights how the technology for making your applications fast and always available has evolved: First, load balancers – Purpose‑built hardware devices with code embedded in firmware Then,…

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The Natural Evolution of Open Source: An Interview with NGINX CEO Gus Robertson

By Megan DeGruttola, Black Duck Software This article was originally posted on Black Duck Software’s blog. NGINX, Inc. is known for its open source, high‑performance HTTP web server. With its new NGINX Plus Release 6 (R6) and a growing number of third‑party tools being built on top of its platform, NGINX is continuing to expand well…

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NGINX Named as a Gartner “Cool Vendor” in Web-Scale Platforms

NGINX is excited to be recognized as one of Gartner’s “Cool Vendors in Web-Scale Platforms” for 2015. In the report, Gartner notes that “Digital business leaders with extreme scalability requirements...have found traditional application infrastructures inadequate to support their needs – as a result, they have invented new design patterns and techniques to support massive scale.” The…

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12 Reasons Why NGINX is the Standard for Containerized Applications and Deploying Microservices

As developers and technology professionals, we are all feeling the pressure of having to innovate, adapt, and build extraordinary new products and experiences faster than our competition. Continuous development and integration, the rapid deployment and elasticity of containers and cloud services, and breaking our applications into interconnected microservices are emerging as the new normal. With…

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