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The NGINX WAF Joins the Google Cloud Security Partner Ecosystem

We are pleased to announce that the NGINX Web Application Firewall (WAF) is now part of the Google Cloud Security Partner Ecosystem. The NGINX WAF has been validated by both NGINX, Inc. and Google as a solution for protecting Google Cloud Platform (GCP) applications from Layer 7 attacks, such as SQL injection (SQLi) and remote code execution (RCE).…

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Deploying All-Active, Highly Available NGINX Plus Load Balancing on Google Compute Engine

As the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Google Compute Engine (GCE) have become increasingly popular, we've published several resources explaining how to use NGINX Plus as the load balancer in the Google cloud infrastructure: Announcing NGINX Plus on the Google Cloud Platform on our blog Installing NGINX Plus on the Google Cloud Platform in the NGINX Plus Admin…

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Deploying NGINX Plus & Kubernetes on Google Cloud Platform, Part 2

This post is adapted from a webinar by Floyd Smith of NGINX, Inc. and Sandeep Dinesh and Sara Robinson of Google. It is the second of two parts and focuses on NGINX Plus as a load balancer for multiple services on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The first part focuses on deploying NGINX Plus on GCP. You can view the complete webinar…

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