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How Hardware Load Balancers Are Killing Agile Development (and Competitive Advantage)!

Agile development has become much more than just another buzzword. It’s how enterprises are building new services that compete with disruptors who are delivering great user experiences in finance, media delivery, retailing – basically, every industry – through modern applications. As a result, businesses are applying incredible pressure on developers and ops team to keep ahead of…

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Maximizing Drupal 8 Performance with NGINX, Part 1: Architecture and Configuration

This post is adapted from a webinar hosted on January 20, 2016 by Floyd Smith and Faisal Memon of NGINX, Inc. It is the first of two parts, and is focused on site architecture and configuring NGINX for Drupal. The second part focuses on NGINX as a reverse proxy, load balancer, and content cache. You can also view the complete…

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