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Cache Placement Strategies for NGINX and NGINX Plus

[ngx_snippet name='table-style-blog'] In the previous article in this caching series, we looked at the benefits of microcaching – caching dynamic content for very short periods of time – which sometimes leads to very significant performance improvement. In this article, we’ll consider another aspect of caching, that of cache placement, and we’ll look at strategies for dealing with…

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10 Tips for 10x Application Performance

Improving web application performance is more critical than ever. The share of economic activity that's online is growing; more than 5% of the developed world’s economy is now on the Internet (see Resources for Internet Statistics below). And our always‑on, hyper‑connected modern world means that user expectations are higher than ever. If your site does not…

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Announcing NGINX Plus R7

NGINX, Inc. is proud to announce the availability of NGINX Plus Release 7 (R7), the latest release of our application delivery platform. The update provides a fully supported implementation of the new HTTP/2 web standard, the first of its kind for a leading web server. NGINX Plus can be deployed as a frontend HTTP/2 gateway and accelerator for both…

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Thread Pools in NGINX Boost Performance 9x!

It’s well known that NGINX uses an asynchronous, event‑driven approach to handling connections. This means that instead of creating another dedicated process or thread for each request (like servers with a traditional architecture), it handles multiple connections and requests in one worker process. To achieve this, NGINX works with sockets in a non‑blocking mode and…

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NGINX 1.8 and 1.9 Released

Today we’re happy to share the release of NGINX 1.8, the new stable branch, and NGINX 1.9, the new mainline branch where we’ll be working on development of new features. These branches replace 1.6 and 1.7 respectively. Over the past year, we’ve pushed 12 updates to 1.7, and all the features we added are now available in 1.8, including these:

  • Backend SSL/TLS certificate verification – Protects against “man in the middle” (MITM) attacks by checking and validating certificates presented by upstream servers
  • Logging to syslog – Enables log aggregation over the network from multiple instances using UDP messages
  • Thread pools support for offloading I/O requests – Improves the performance of NGINX when blocking operations are required
  • Hash load balancing method – Allows for a server group where the client‑server mapping is based on the hashed variable
  • Unbuffered upload – Optionally disables the buffering of a request body
For a list of all the features added during the last year, check out the release notes for 1.8.

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