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Monitoring NGINX and NGINX Plus: Highlights from Our Blog

The bigger and busier your site, the more important it is to monitor it. A good monitoring solution gives you visibility into your site helping you maintain uptime, performance, and security. Monitoring is one of the most popular topics on the NGINX blog, with a completely new, NGINX‑focused monitoring tool – NGINX Amplify – added in the last…

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Announcing the Updated NGINX and NGINX Plus Plug‑In for New Relic (Version 2)

Editor – You can download the latest plug‑in for displaying metrics from NGINX Open Source and NGINX Plus in New Relic at NGINX, Inc. no longer provides free support for this plug‑in. For information about support options, please refer to our Support page. In March, 2013 we released the first version of the "nginx web server" plug‑in for New Relic…

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