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Not All Software Load Balancers Are Created Equal

According to findings by InformationWeek and Interop ITX, 50% of organizations have implemented DevOps methodologies or plan to implement them soon. But DevOps methodologies require solutions that deliver the agility and flexibility required to rapidly achieve scale and high feature velocity. In a recent blog, NGINX CEO Gus Robertson described how load balancers are a…

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Consolidating Your API Gateway and Load Balancer with NGINX

[ngx_snippet name='table-style-blog'] Now that software load balancers are the standard in modern, DevOps‑driven organizations, what new challenges have we created for ourselves? How can we deal with the complexities of “proxy‑sprawl”? Can we consolidate without compromising performance, stability, and functionality? Most professionals in the web and app delivery space are familiar with the trajectory of…

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NGINX Named an “IDC Innovator” in Cloud-Native Application Delivery

NGINX earns prestigious industry recognition as the cloud‑native ADC powering most of the world's busiest websites and applications. We are proud to announce that NGINX, Inc. has been named an International Data Corporation (IDC) Innovator in cloud‑native application delivery controllers (ADCs). As an application delivery controller, NGINX Plus provides key functionality such as content caching and load…

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Migrating Load Balancer Configuration from F5 and Citrix to NGINX Plus with Our Guides

Migrating to the cloud seems to be top‑of‑mind for almost everyone these days. Even if you're not actively involved in a cloud migration or “cloudification” of existing infrastructure – either because you're not quite ready, you have legacy and monolithic applications that don’t lend themselves to a more distributed and agile architecture, or there are business…

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5 Reasons to Switch from F5 BIG-IP to NGINX Plus

Last year we compared the price and performance of NGINX Plus to several models of F5 BIG‑IP application delivery controllers (ADCs). We determined that you can save over 80% in Year 1 by switching to NGINX Plus, while equaling or exceeding the performance of F5 appliances. Editor – For more information about replacing hardware ADCs with NGINX Plus, see these resources. Blog posts…

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New Training Course: Replacing Your Hardware Load Balancer with NGINX Plus

With thousands of students already trained, NGINX training courses are an ever more popular way to learn how to configure and run both the open source NGINX software and NGINX Plus. Now we are offering a new course, Replacing Your Hardware Load Balancer with NGINX Plus. In this course, we show you: Why a move to NGINX Plus…

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NGINX Named by Gartner in Latest Application Delivery Controller Research

From its founding, NGINX has focused on building software to help the next generation of digital businesses develop and deploy their applications with the utmost performance, reliability, security, and scale, and has done so with the support of a vast community of open source users. We are proud to announce that Gartner has recognized NGINX’s…

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Migrating Layer 7 Logic from F5 iRules and Citrix Policies to NGINX and NGINX Plus

Administrators of traditional hardware application delivery controllers (ADCs) are often faced with use cases that the rule sets provided by ADC vendors don't cover, and certainly not at the necessary fine‑grained level of control over how requests and responses are processed. As a result, most organizations have written their own custom rules, and as they…

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NGINX Plus vs. Citrix NetScaler: A Price‑Performance Comparison

[ngx_snippet name='table-style-blog'] A few months ago we published a blog comparing the price and performance of NGINX Plus vs. F5 BIG‑IP hardware application delivery controllers (ADCs). In researching and publishing that blog, we learned that by moving from F5 BIG‑IP to NGINX Plus you can drastically reduce costs while maintaining the same feature set and level of performance. In…

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