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NGINX vs. Apache: Our View of a Decade-Old Question

The Apache HTTP server and NGINX are the two most popular open source web servers powering the Internet today. When Igor Sysoev began working on NGINX over 10 years ago, no one expected that the project he created for the purpose of accelerating a large Apache‑based service would grow to have the influence it has now. Apache…

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Facing the Hordes on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

For many retailers, Thanksgiving is a time of trepidation and anticipation. While much of the rest of the country relaxes with family, both brick‑and‑mortar and online retailers brace themselves for the onslaught of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The challenges confronting both types of retailers are very similar. Facing massive visitor traffic to their stores, they…

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Five Reasons to Use a Software Load Balancer

Update – We have new and updated information about the advantages of software load balancers over hardware ADCs. Please see our updated blog post on switching to software load balancing, download our new ebook, and check out our test results comparing NGINX Plus vs. F5’s BIG‑IP and NGINX Plus vs. Citrix Netscaler. For many data‑center administrators, deploying software to manage traffic goes firmly against everything they've learned. Having learned their trade in the data center, they measure everything by its hardware specifications – cost per port, mean time between failures, on‑site replacement – and anything that can't be measured in those terms just does not compute! For a long time, load balancing was no different. It was the preserve of the data‑center or network administrator, who was responsible for the successful delivery of IP packets to the correct server, informed by health checks and response times. Packets per second, throughput, and SYN protection were the metrics that load balancers were measured on.

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