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Introducing HTTP/2 Server Push with NGINX 1.13.9

Support for HTTP/2 server push is also included in NGINX Plus R15. We’re delighted to announce that NGINX 1.13.9, released on February 20, 2018, includes support for HTTP/2 server push. For NGINX Plus users, HTTP/2 server push support will be included in the upcoming NGINX Plus R15 release, scheduled for April 2018. Server push, which is defined in…

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NGINX Plus Helps Ecommerce Vendors Improve SEO Results

With NGINX and NGINX Plus, you can change your site architecture as needed without suffering SEO penalties. The high performance of NGINX, and its easy‑to‑implement rewrite rules, make it simple to point existing URLs to new page locations. In addition, powerful rewrite rules and other NGINX features make it easy to move to HTTPS, which increases…

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The Imperva HTTP/2 Vulnerability Report and NGINX

On August 3, Imperva – an Internet security company – announced four potential security vulnerabilities in the HTTP/2 protocol, and issued a detailed report evaluating a number of web servers against these vulnerabilities. As shown in the table (from page 19 of the Imperva report), NGINX 1.9.9 performed comparatively well in Imperva’s tests, and was not affected by three of…

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Supporting HTTP/2 for Website Visitors

[ngx_snippet name='table-style-blog'] [Editor – This post has been updated to reflect changes to browser support for NPN and to OS support for ALPN since the original publication in June 2016 as "Supporting HTTP/2 for Google Chrome Users". The information is current as of September 2017.] Users of several major web browsers are finding that sites that they previously…

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Maximizing Drupal 8 Performance with NGINX, Part 2: Caching and Load Balancing

This post is adapted from a webinar hosted on January 20, 2016 by Floyd Smith and Faisal Memon of NGINX, Inc. It is the second of two parts, and is focused on caching and using NGINX as a load balancer. The first part focuses on site architecture and configuring NGINX for Drupal 8. You can also view the complete webinar on…

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The HTTP/2 Module in NGINX

This blog post is adapted from a presentation by Valentin V. Bartenev at nginx.conf 2015, held in San Francisco in September. Table of Contents 0:20 Overview of the Protocol 1:40 Key Features of HTTP/2 3:08 HTTP/2 Inside – Binary 4:26 HTTP/2 Inside – Multiplexing 7:09 Key Features of HTTP/2 – Header Compression 8:40 Key Features of HTTP/2 – Prioritization 10:06 History of HTTP/2…

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