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Scaling MySQL with TCP Load Balancing and Galera Cluster

We introduced TCP load balancing in NGINX Plus R5, and have continually added features in subsequent releases, as well as support for UDP load balancing. In this article we explore the key requirements for TCP load balancing and how NGINX Plus addresses them. To explore the features of NGINX Plus we will use a simple test environment that represents…

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Advanced MySQL Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

In this article, we explain how to use some of the advanced features in NGINX Plus and the open source NGINX software to load balance MySQLTM database servers in a Galera cluster. We explore one approach to eliminating replication problems in a cluster, the advantages of splitting reads and writes across load‑balancing database servers, and how…

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MySQL High Availability with NGINX Plus and Galera Cluster

In this article, we create and test a high‑availability database cluster using MySQL, Galera Cluster, and the TCP load balancing capability introduced in NGINX Plus Release 5 (R5). We demonstrate the appropriate MySQL load balancing configuration with NGINX Plus, and techniques for handling conflicting writes and failures across the database cluster. Introducing Galera Cluster Galera Cluster is a…

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TCP Load Balancing in NGINX Plus R5

NGINX Plus Release 5 (R5) introduces a major new feature: TCP load balancing. NGINX Plus can now load balance and provide high availability for a wide range of TCP‑based protocols in addition to HTTP. TCP load balancing provides high availability for a range of TCP-based protocols This article provides a technical overview of the…

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