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Authentication and Content-Based Routing with JWTs and NGINX Plus

NGINX Plus Release 10 introduced support for offloading authentication from web and API services with JSON Web Tokens (JWTs, pronounced "jots"). Since the release of R10, we've continued to increase functionality in each new release. Starting in NGINX Plus R14, NGINX Plus supports JWTs that contain nested claims and array data. When used in an API gateway…

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Improve App Security with the Free O’Reilly NGINX Cookbook, Part 2

Over the past year web application attacks increased by 50% and DDoS attacks more than doubled, according to Akamai. The unfortunate truth is that everyone is now a potential target. As businesses become more dependent on applications and the data within them, the consequences of a security breach can be devastating. To help prevent you from…

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Using NGINX Plus and NGINX to Authenticate Application Users with LDAP

[ngx_snippet name='table-style-blog'] Customers frequently ask us how they can use NGINX Plus and NGINX to secure protected resources or applications by authenticating the users who request them. Today we’re announcing a reference implementation of such an authentication system, and making it available in the NGINX, Inc. repository on GitHub. In this post we describe how the…

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