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Updating the NGINX Application Platform with New Clustering, API Management, and Service Mesh Capabilities

The world is going digital at breakneck speed. Technology is front and center in our day‑to‑day lives. From entertainment to banking to how we communicate with our friends, technology has changed how we interact with the world. Businesses of all sizes and in all industries are rolling out compelling digital capabilities to attract, retain, and…

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Dynamic IP Blacklisting with NGINX Plus and fail2ban

Photo: Arnold Reinhold – Own work, CC BY‑SA 3.0 You may not realize it, but your website is under constant threat. If it’s running Wordpress, there will be bots trying to spam you. If it has a login page, there will be brute‑force password attacks. You may also consider search engine spiders…

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Announcing NGINX Plus R12

[Editor – This post has been updated to refer the NGINX Plus API, which replaces and deprecates the separate dynamic configuration and status modules discussed in the original version of the post.] Today we are pleased to announce that NGINX Plus R12 is available as a free upgrade for all NGINX Plus subscribers. NGINX Plus is a high‑performance software…

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