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Deploying NGINX Plus and AWS Network Load Balancer in an All-Active, Highly Available Solution

NGINX has launched a new, preferred high availability (HA) solution for Amazon Web Services (AWS). This solution takes advantage of the new AWS Network Load Balancer (AWS NLB) to improve the performance, reliability, and scalability of web applications on AWS. The scale of application deployments on AWS has grown very rapidly. Amazon has key resources: An…

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Announcing New Auto Scaling Support with NGINX Plus on AWS Cloud Quick Start

UPDATE: A complete load-balancing and application deployment of NGINX Plus on AWS EC2 with full Auto Scaling integration and support. Last year, NGINX, Inc. launched a new AWS Quick Start, designed to kick‑start application migrations by deploying a turn‑key NGINX Plus application delivery infrastructure. While this Quick Start was a great first step for customers who wanted…

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Deploying NGINX Plus as a Highly Available AWS Load Balancer

[ngx_snippet name='table-style-blog'] A load balancer often acts as the single entry into a web application, which makes it a critical component in your application delivery infrastructure: load‑balancer downtime means application downtime. To minimize downtime and the user unhappiness that comes with it, you need to deploy your load balancer in a highly available (HA) manner.…

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High Availability for NGINX Plus on AWS with keepalived and Elastic IP Address

Part of the appeal of cloud computing is the promise of greater uptime. To achieve that, all parts of your architecture must be highly available, including the load balancer. Now you can achieve high availability (HA) for NGINX Plus on AWS with a new solution that combines keepalived and the AWS Elastic IP address feature. Editor…

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Powering Microservices and Sockets Using NGINX and Kubernetes

This post is adapted from a presentation delivered at nginx.conf 2016 by Lee Calcote of SolarWinds. You can view a recording of the complete presentation on YouTube. Table of Contents Introduction 1:56 Our App 2:39 Case Study 3:31 Our Bloat-a-Lith 5:30 The Challenge 7:21 Shaping Up the App 9:33 Benefits of Microservices 10:50 Kubernetes and NGINX…

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Load Balancing AWS Auto Scaling Groups with NGINX Plus

[ngx_snippet name='table-style-blog'] One of the most beneficial features of the cloud is the ability to automatically scale the number of computing instances. With AWS Auto Scaling, you can change the number of EC2 instances in an Auto Scaling group, either manually or automatically, based on schedule or demand. Auto Scaling helps reduce cost by adjusting the number of…

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Migrating Load Balancer Configuration from F5 and Citrix to NGINX Plus with Our Guides

Migrating to the cloud seems to be top‑of‑mind for almost everyone these days. Even if you're not actively involved in a cloud migration or “cloudification” of existing infrastructure – either because you're not quite ready, you have legacy and monolithic applications that don’t lend themselves to a more distributed and agile architecture, or there are business…

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NGINX and NGINX Plus Ingress Controllers for Kubernetes Load Balancing

Running and managing microservices applications in containers at scale across a cluster of machines is a challenging task. Kubernetes helps you meet the challenge by giving you a powerful solution for container orchestration. It includes several important features, such as fault tolerance, autoscaling, rolling updates, storage, service discovery, and load balancing. In this blog post…

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Deploying All-Active, Highly Available NGINX Plus Load Balancing on Google Compute Engine

As the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Google Compute Engine (GCE) have become increasingly popular, we've published several resources explaining how to use NGINX Plus as the load balancer in the Google cloud infrastructure: Announcing NGINX Plus on the Google Cloud Platform on our blog Installing NGINX Plus on the Google Cloud Platform in the NGINX Plus Admin…

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How Expedia Uses NGINX Plus for Cloud Migration at Scale

This post is adapted from a presentation delivered at nginx.conf 2016 by Dave Drinkle of Expedia, Inc. You can view a recording of the presentation on YouTube. Table of Contents   Introduction 1:19 Three Pillars of Cloud Migration 3:00 Traffic Through NGINX Before Cloud Migration 3:23 Traffic Through NGINX After Cloud Migration 3:43 Basic Configuration 4:58 Multi-Region Resiliency…

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