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It’s Time to Move to a Four‑Tier Application Architecture

The new year is well underway and, like many others, you are probably planning upcoming projects to enhance your existing digital experiences or build completely new websites and applications. As you do so, the most critical fact to keep in mind is that “web” no longer means “web browser.” Pundits have been espousing a “mobile first approach” to application development for years, but with an annual mobile traffic growth rate of nearly 60% this is not negotiable any longer. The explosion in the number of connected devices, the shift of traffic from desktop to mobile, and the rising tide of the internet of things means that projects must now be rooted in the diversity of user experiences available on different devices.

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that the historical approach to application architecture – we’ll call it the monolithic model, due to the focus on building a single integrated application containing the majority of features and functions – starts to break down in a world where you need to tailor your experiences for specific devices and specific users or use cases. Moreover, you simply cannot achieve the agility, flexibility, and scalability demanded of today’s applications using many of the old architectural patterns and behaviors.

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