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In this Ebook you will learn:

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    Understand load balancing—what it is and why it’s important, and explore load balancing, the traffic manager and the application gateway in Microsoft Azure

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    Compare the load balancing options in Microsoft Azure with NGINX Open Source and NGINX Plus

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    Learn how NGINX Plus on Azure lets you create an ideal end-to-end application platform

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    Explore security choices including the NGINX Web Application Firewall, and Microsoft Azure Firewall integration

About the Ebook

With more and more companies moving on‑prem applications to the cloud, software and cloud solution architects alike are busy investigating ways to improve load balancing, performance, security, and high availability for workloads. This practical report describes Microsoft Azure’s load‑balancing options and explains how NGINX can contribute to a comprehensive solution.

Cloud solution architect Arlan Nugara takes you through the steps necessary to design a practical solution for your network. Software developers and technical managers will learn how these technologies have a direct impact on application development and architecture. While the examples are specific to Azure, these load‑balancing concepts and implementations also apply to cloud providers such as AWS, Google Cloud Platform, DigitalOcean, and IBM Cloud.

About the Authors

Arlan Nugara

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Arlan Nugara

Cloud Solution Architect and Software Developer Consulting Services

Arlan Nugara is a cloud solution architect who speaks widely on Azure and DevOps. Microsoft has awarded him an MVP (Most Valuable Professional) in Azure for the past two years for his expertise and contributions to the technical community across the United States and Canada. Arlan’s original background is in software development with a specialization in enterprise software development and architecture for financial institutions over the previous 20 years. Arlan’s focus over the past two years has been the building of Azure Virtual Datacenters, where security is a key driving factor for a client’s migration to the Azure cloud.

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